[mythtv-users] Switching to WOW (Wide Open West), a Report

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Apr 29 13:06:32 UTC 2011

> One good thing about sharing digital channels is my HDHomerun
> effectively gains extra tuners (depending on what I'm recording).

I forgot to mention in my last post that, yeah, this will be a big
gain too. Even though the digital channels are still encrypted here
(we aren't scheduled to begin the transition in Michigan until
mid-May), I was doing a scan with hdhomerun_config and looking at how
the basic stations are currently grouped onto frequencies. Other than
the local HD channels, the 11 channels that we do almost all of the
rest of our recording on (the ones we currently use the PVR-250/500
for) are all grouped into 4 different frequencies, and 6 of them are
all on 1 frequency. It's pretty conceivable that we'll be able to just
dump the hauppauge cards (3 analog tuners) and rely strictly on the 2
tuner HDHR (though we might have a little contention when it comes to
recording 2 local HD stations, but hopefully we'll be able to work
around it by pickup up later showings). I was originally going to buy
a second HDHR, but now I think I'm going to wait for a cablecard
solution and make do with the one HDHR for now.

Ron Frazier

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