[mythtv-users] trandcoding messes up 6 channel audio slow audio playback

Scott Macdonell genius9976 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 28 15:52:30 UTC 2011

>Same problem here -- I am amazed that such core functionality is so
>fatally and destructively broken in a released version almost 6 months
>after release. From my understanding, this should be affecting
>everyone who has 6 channel mpeg2 recordings that they then try to
>transcode internally.
>Why aren't more people mentioning this problem then? 
>Do most people just keep their 3-4GB mpeg2 HDTV recordings without

Yeah, I figure one of two things must be the case.
1) Many people aren't affected by this problem, and we just aren't hearing about it, or 
2) Most people have some user job set up that achieves similar results as mythtranscode.

On 1)... Is anybody out there successfully using mythtranscode to transcode recordings with > 2 audio channels and myth >= 0.24?
On 2)... I'd love pointers to some user jobs that people are successfully using use while mythtranscode is being fixed. Like I said, mythnuv2mkv exhibits the same destructive pattern.

> Hopefully this will get fixed soon and I wont need a user job. I've played around a bit and thought I would report on my findings. (Maybe someone finds them useful, or knows what I could do to get more useful results).
> I've got another machine that has basically the same set up as my
> normal backend minus the tuner cards. I compiled the source from
> https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/tree/jyavenard/backports/fixes/0.24
> that Jean-Yves posted on this other machine. I transfered over
> mythconverg and a couple of recordings from my actual backend so I
> could do some testing on this other machine.

>Is it possible/easy to just compile mythtranscode without downloading
>and compiling the entire source tree? (I have a very old CPU)
>Alternatively, if someone sends me binaries compatible with my system
>(I am running Fedora 12), I would be happy to test...

I don't know... I'll leave this for someone else.

> I tried to transcode a recording from my cable box with 6 channel audio. I called mythranscode as:
> /usr/local/bin/mythtranscode --infile 10181_20110427200700.mpg --outfile /home/scott/HDtestoutput.mpg --profile 27  --showprogress -v audio
> (--profile 27 is the profile I described in an earlier post)

>Is this the recording profile number used in the mythconverg database

Yes, I looked this up using phpmyadmin and looking at a previous recording that I knew which transcode profile I had set it up with.

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