[mythtv-users] minidlna server with mythlink

Jeremy Jones jjones at almonassociates.com
Tue Apr 26 02:12:48 UTC 2011

Like others I have seen post here I am having trouble connectiong to my
mythtv backend from a sony blu ray player (bdp-bx37).  At the suggestion of
an old post, I tried miniDLNA which the player found immediatly.

I thought I had the problem licked. Now to go about making the names
readable, since miniDLNA does not read the mythtv database.  Mythlink.pl
looks like it will work, so I set about getting that running.

Seems to work just as designed. The trouble is my teresterial digital
broadcasts do not contain a subtitle. The title will work, and I have it
sorting into folders by title and then naming by date. This works, but I
would like to have more descriptive info. I tried to use the description as
part of the name, but that results in too long of a name and returns an

Now I'm thinking if mythlink could only truncate the name before it tried to
create the symbolic link. Sound simple enough, but the perl code for
mythlink appears to be handing this part off to mythtv.   Does anyone out
there have knowledge of perl and / or mythlink, and willing to help?

I'm also open to completely different solutions.

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