[mythtv-users] Sony Bravia 2010 -- serving Mythtv content over DNLA

John reidjr at lineone.net
Sun Apr 24 16:37:46 UTC 2011

I have a nice Aspire Revo based frontend that is fully functional, but 
wanted to try getting my Sony Bravia ex503 to natively play my 
Mythbackend recordings/Video.

The built in Upnp server would be ideal, but doesn't even get picked up 
by the Sony as a viable server.  After a lot of experimentation I found 
that the best available server  is Serviio. Its free, runs on the 
mythbackend under linux ( Java based) , but is sadly not open source.

There is good support for Sony and samsung TVs, and it s the only server 
I could get to play my (UK based) freeview and freesat recordings. All 
SD channel recordings work out of the box, and after some messing I 
found that adding

<MediaFormatProfile mime-type="video/mpeg" name="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_EU_ISO">AVC_TS_HP_HD_MPEG1_L2_ISO</MediaFormatProfile>

into the Sony profile allows BBC HD recordings etc to show up. Works very well, with Freeview /freesat streaming without any video transcoding. Also handles blu-ray and mkvs natively in most cases.

Nowhere near as cool as myth-frontend, but if you have an SD only capable frontend, might be worth mix and match to play back the HD content over DNLA.

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