[mythtv-users] Request for help making live TV useable

Bob Shanteau rmshant at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 20:12:42 UTC 2011

On 04/21/2011 07:38 PM, Mark Lord wrote:
> That pixelation is a sign that "vdpaubuffersize=" was set too small 
> (the default in mythtv is too small as well).

I looked up how to set "vdpaubuffersize=" and found a web page entitled, 
"Enabling VDPAU in MythFrontend" on the MythTV Official Wiki 
<http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/VDPAU>. This page says to navigate to 
"Utilities -> Setup -> TV Settings -> Playback -> Playback Profiles 
(3/8) -> Custom Filters" and add to the list of comma separated options. 
The problem is that there is nothing on my Playback Profiles page about 
Custom Filters.

This happens for two machines, one running MythDora 12.23 with all 
updates to Fedora 12 and MythTV and with one running Fedora 14 and 
MythTV 0.24-6.

Am I missing something?

Bob Shanteau

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