[mythtv-users] Window focus issue in welcome screen

francis3 francis3 at libero.it
Thu Apr 21 20:17:26 UTC 2011

Hi list!

I'm running mythtv on debian stable with mythtv packages from debian 
multimedia *testing* branch.

The system is a combined BE/FE 2.4Ghz P4 with 2GB RAM. 

Yesterday I upgraded the mhythtv packages in this system, actually 
(0.24+fixes20110408-0.0), and now I have the following issue.

When I press the "OK" remote button (or the "enter" key in the 
keyboard) in the welcome screen of the mythtv box now the screen 
remains stuck on the welcome page.

I can get the usual menu screen pressing the ALT+TAB combination 
on the keyboard.
I use the window manager fluxbox.

Any hint?

Thanks in advance 


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