[mythtv-users] everyday i have to make sure myth worked the day before

Bruce Taber b.taber at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 12:44:08 UTC 2011

On 04/21/2011 07:43 AM, Bruce Taber wrote:
Sorry for the multiple posts on this. Just trying to provide detail on
what is being found in this process.
> On 04/21/2011 07:13 AM, Bruce Taber wrote:
>> 1. git bisect start
>> 2. git bisect bad
>> 3. git bisect good <your commit version from above>
This step is only needed for the other systems. I am not doing git
bisect on the three (MBE, SBE, FE) systems. The FE system is used for
the bisect. This step synchronizes the backend systems.
>> 4. git checkout <your commit version from above>
>> 5. compile and run tests - most likely needs make distclean & configure
>> 6. git bisect good or bad depending on test results
>> 6a. git bisect next - git chooses the version for next test
Do steps 4-6a until the bad commit is found substituting the version in
step 4 for the next version git chooses. That can be determined with a
git describe on the system used for the bisect.

>> 7. git bisect reset - once the bad commit is found

Hope this is getting clearer.


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