[mythtv-users] Moving MythTV to new hardware -- CentOS vs. Scientific Linux (and 32vs64bit)

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Thu Apr 21 04:40:46 UTC 2011

On 3/19/2011 11:44 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Please don't follow the directions on that ca 2004 blog page.  Google
> should be publicly shamed for telling people where to find those old,
> incorrect directions--that can result in a corrupt database.  Seems the
> guy who made the page does have a /very/ good understanding of one
> thing, though--search engine optimization.  (Not that that would be any
> use to someone trying to set up a new system as their master backend.)
>> Like I said, I haven't done this yet but it should help you move in the
>> right direction.
> The wiki page you quoted is good--and shows the process you should
> follow.  Specifically the part about doing a complete restore of a
> /complete/ database backup (not the partial backup that blog post says
> to do) and changing the host name/IP address in the database if you used
> a different host name and/or IP address for your new system.

Hey all, so on a followup to this:

I was reading the MythWiki and am interested if anyone has used Scientific Linux (which is talked about briefly in the MythWiki) instead o RHEL or CentOS-5.5.

The only thing it really mentions is version 6 of Scientific Linux is out instead of CentOS 5.5 -- as if there's some advantage (not spelled out) in that difference.

The other item is: Is it save to switch to 64bit linux at this point? This box will serve as a general network server for files and Zoneminder -- but most importantly, a Myth FE/BE (I figured I'd ask here while also doing some research online).



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