[mythtv-users] Intel GMA 950 SCART

dave cunningham ml at upsilon.org.uk
Wed Apr 20 22:17:50 UTC 2011

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Nicholas J. Martin wrote


>Thanks Dave. Also, do you have to use xine or can you use the internal
>player? They seem to have patched xine on the site linked to on the
>wiki. Is that because the player you're using needs to change the
>refresh rate of the screen to match the fps of the video? E.g., change
>to 60Hz when playing 30fps or 50Hz when playing 25fps.

I use the internal player and mplayer and have no problems with either. 
I'm not 100% on what the FRC patch is actually doing. From memory it's 
dynamically modifying the frame rate - though I don't get this as I'd 
always thought this was fixed (50Hz PAL, 60Hz NSTC). I think the xine 
patch is allows the patch to stabilise faster though it seems to work 
just fine without xine.

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