[mythtv-users] TimeWarner Lineup Change problems

Don B mythlist at bossung.net
Wed Apr 20 17:13:48 UTC 2011

Here in Lincoln NE we went through the Time Warner lineup switch
yesterday. Channels used to be kinda grouped by analog/HD/digital, but
within each of these 3 there was very little logical order. So we now
have 2-80 Analog, 100-999 SD, and 1000+ HD. Withing each range, sports
are grouped together, kids networks are grouped together, etc, etc.

By the time I needed the upgrade Schedules Direct had already created a
new Digital Rebuild lineup (most of the changes were from 100 up) and
they provided a link to automatically update the existing digital lineup
to the new rebuilt digital lineup.

For me, this didn't work so well. I chose the re-add all lineups link @
Schedules Direct and the result was a lineup that had several dozen
repeated channels, one from the old lineup and one from the new lineup.
So, as an example, I had 2 channel 118, one the old History HD and one
the new Nick At Nite.

Rather than going through this list and trying to decipher old from new
and deleting the old, I just decided to delete the old lineups and make
a new that are based on the new analog/digital listing. With this I was
able to build two new lineups, one named 'Time Warner Cable - Cable'
holding the 2-80 channels and another named 'Time Warner Cable - Digital
Rebuild' which holds all the channels 1, 100 - 1801. I removed 2-80 from
this lineup since I can get them with my PVR150s and don't need to go
through the settop box and HDPVR.

I created two Video Sources, Analog and Digital. The first lineup came
in as Analog nicely for the two PVR150s. So I create the Digital Video
Source, select Schedules Direct, login with my name and pw and hit
Retreive Linups. I see two linups returned. One named 'Time Warner Cable
- Cable (68516) NE26424:-' representing the analog lineup and another
named 'Time Warner Cable - Digital Rebuild (68516) NE26424:L'
representing the Digital/HD lineup. I select the second lineup since I
am setting up the Digital Video Source that will be assigned to the
HDPVR hooked to the settop box. When I select 'Fetch channels from
listings source' I get nothing and then when I look at the Lineup entry
it has been truncated to just 'NE26424:-'

I then went ahead and finished the wizard, came back into the new
Digital Video source, and the lineup name has been truncated to just
'NE26424:L'. If I repeat the above the same thing happens. Retreive
lineup, the entire name of the lineup appears, select, click Fetch, no
channels are fetched, and the lineup name changes to just 'NE26424:L'

Is there some type of string length issue with the name of the Lineup
that is causing part of it to be truncated? I went back to Schedules
Direct and I cannot see a way to change the way they name the Lineups. 

Needles to say, this is a problem because no channels are fetched for
this Video Source and then the channels are empty in the tv lineup. For
reference, I did go ahead and do a mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all  after
this problem (ignoring that card 3 had no default channel on mythtvsetup
exit) and mythfilldatabase ran fine and did not exit with any errors.
All the channels are there, but there is no information associated
(Unknown) with each channel from the Digital Video Source.

All of this is using MythDora 12.23.

Any suggestions?


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