[mythtv-users] Request for help making live TV useable

Adam Felson adam.mythtv at thefelsons.us
Wed Apr 20 14:19:24 UTC 2011

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On Tue, 19 Apr 2011 10:04:57 +0100, Andre <mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk> spoke

> The advice often given is to schedule a recording then immediately
> start watching that, ignoring the troublesome live TV player, this i
> what I do on the odd time I want to watch something that is on now,
> I usually leave the recording a few minutes so the ads can be
> skipped past too.
> Has anyone considered restructuring live tv so it does exactly that?

I'd hate to see that;  why have such complexity on such a simple task?
What I, and I suspect many others, have done is put a tv tuner on my entertainment system and have given up on using mythtv for live tv.

For LiveTV, UI is fine.  It should behave like a TV but with the ability to pause and it does when it isn't crashing and when it can actually change channels.

Seems to have strange keyboard assignments.  The up/down buttons become channel buttons.
My remote control and most others have separate cursor and channel buttons.  Probably a simple setting that I haven't fixed yet.
Another problem with LiveTv is the backend's insistence on using the same capture device.
If I have 4 atsc tuners, tuner 1 is recording, tuner 2 is livetv, and 3 and 4 are unused,
why force the user off tuner 2 or abort the recording if a recording was scheduled for it?  
It should simply use one of the unused tuners that have the same source.  Such a smart scheduler shouldn't be so rock stupid when it comes to conflicts with the user on livetv.

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