[mythtv-users] Blue Abstract 18 Hour Forecast

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Tue Apr 19 22:21:00 UTC 2011

>The 18 Hour Forecast screen in the Blue Abstract Theme (1.4) only displays 
>the details for the first segment.
>The remaining 5 are just black rectangles.  I have looked at weather-ui.xml 
>with my limited
>theming knowledge, and nothing jumped out at me.
>Has anyone else noticed this...or more to the point, fixed it?


I took another look after getting some food in my gut, and got it figured 
out.  It appears a lot of the xml for the 18 Hour Forecast block was copied 
and pasted from the Six Day Forecast block and a lot (all except for the 
"background" objects) of the "from" attributes didn't get appropriately 
updated.  For example, not all the "froms" are "icon-0" instead of 

<imagetype name="18icon-0">
<imagetype name="18icon-1" from="icon-0">
<imagetype name="18icon-2" from="icon-0">
<imagetype name="18icon-3" from="icon-0">
<imagetype name="18icon-4" from="icon-0">
<imagetype name="18icon-5" from="icon-0">

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