[mythtv-users] Intel GMA 950 SCART

dave cunningham ml at upsilon.org.uk
Tue Apr 19 22:18:24 UTC 2011

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Nicholas J. Martin wrote

>Hello all,
>Has anyone made a SCART lead for an Intel GMA 950 graphics chipset and
>managed to get it working with X on a (preferably PAL) TV? I'm
>planning on building an SD PVR around a low power Atom with GMA 950
>graphics, but I'm concerned that getting it to play nicely with the TV
>will be difficult or impossible.

I've got an Atom 330 running here (UK) VGA->Scart.

I'm on Debian Lenny with Myth 0.23. I've patched the Intel X-Server with 
the FRC/low dot-clock code from the wiki and have a patched Framebuffer 

I use this cable <http://members.optusnet.com.au/eviltim/scart.htm>, 
though there's a simpler one here 

It works perfectly for SD TV in the UK.

I know it won't work for HD but then I don't have an HD TV. I don't much 
see the point in future proofing - who knows what the recommended kit 
will be in 12 months, almost certain it's not going to be what is 
recommended today.

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