[mythtv-users] Missed recordings

Bernard Giannetti thebernmeister at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 19 11:23:53 UTC 2011


Am using Mythbuntu 10.10 with MythTV 0.24-fixes.  I use Shepherd (screen scraper) to acquire my guide data but I've had this issue happen when using vanilla EIT.

I notice that I'll have recordings set to go and then a guide update will occur and I'll see this message on the right (in MythWeb Upcoming Recordings) where it says Don't Record | Never Record: 

    "Not airing in timeslot this day"

What I suspect is that the guide data changes slightly - the show may change it's start time by one or two minutes and as such the scheduler I guess deems this recording invalid.

To record a show I select it from the Listings, select Record Only This Showing and click Update Recording Settings.  I don't set any rules or do anything exotic.

So is there a way to trap this situation?  I look at my Upcoming Recordings screen several times a day to try and catch this scenario, but it's annoying when a guide update happens and a recording's start time changes and then I miss it.

Is it possible to alter the scheduler to compare an upcoming recording and if the name is the same but the start/end times are out by x minutes, then magically put in the new recording (with new times)?

Thanks in advance,

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