[mythtv-users] Extracting info from h264 videos

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Mon Apr 18 14:49:41 UTC 2011

I am working on an embedded server for Roku.  This is a cross-platform
project; the goal is to have a small embedded machine running OpenWRT act
as a server for the Roku.

At this point I have the OpenWRT box serving the movies, but the Roku and
the flash player need some meta-info such as size, bitrate, etc.

I am using RokuConnect http://www.rokuconnect.com/ , which in turn uses
ffmpeg to provide that information.

To extract this information using ffmpeg, I also need libx264 and libfaac.

I am wondering if there is a simpler utility that can extract just the
video information, something lighter weight than ffmpeg.

(There is a tie-in to Myth; one of the ultimate goals is to be able to
export myth videos to the AP.)

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