[mythtv-users] 0.23-1 vs 0.24 audio question

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Sun Apr 17 17:53:12 UTC 2011

On 16 Apr 2011, at 22:19, Tom Dexter wrote:

> I'm still running 0.23-1 under Gentoo.  From what I read there was a
> significant audio re-write in 0.24.
> I've noticed one very odd thing for a very long time and was curious
> if this was typical of what others have seen, and what may have
> changed in 0.24.
> I record entirely OTA HD (New York stations).  Almost all my
> recordings tend to show two audio tracks: English AC3 2 channel, and
> Spanish Castillian AC3 2 channel.  The Spanish track is never actually
> Spanish, but rather another English track.  Oddly enough however, it's
> usually a bit louder seems to have the dialog more upfront.   Often I
> actually use that because it's easier to hear dialog.
> What's all that about?

In the UK (and a lot of Europe) we sometimes have a narration track in addition to the regular AC3 surround track, this is audio with scene description for the blind. Of course not all programmes actually have narration tracks so often this ends up being just a stereo track, I suspect due to the common problems with dialogue getting lost in surround sound mixes this additional track is usually mixed differently with much more forward dialogue, sometimes it's useful for that on it's own.

Maybe there's a similar situation for you?


> In addition, I've also noticed that audio levels of most any XVID avi
> files I play tend to be WAY louder than my recordings...enough so that
> if I forget to turn down before playing one it about blows you out of
> the room.
> Is some/most/all of this similar to what others have seen pre-0.24,
> and what's changed?
> Thanks!
> Tom
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