[mythtv-users] Problem changing channels whilst recording

Barry John Williams barry at bjw.me.uk
Sun Apr 17 07:55:53 UTC 2011


I'm in the UK and am using a DVB-T card configured for freeview channels and
a DVB-S card configured for FTA channels on Astra 28.2e.  Each hardward card
is configured to allow 4 simultaneous recording on a mux.  Channels which
are on both sources have been configured with the same channel number,
channel name and channel callsign.  Incidentally EIT is switched off on
these channels on satellite and I transfer the freeview metadata for these
channels on a regular basis via a python script and crontab.

My default source for LiveTV is 'satellite'.  If LiveTV is started and there
is another recording being made on 'satellite' (say BBC 1 HD); if the
channel is changed (either by the EPG, OSD or explicit channel number) to
another channel which is on both satellite and freeview (such as CBeebies)
the channel change will fail silently.  The workaround is to switch the
input source.

Is there a configuration setting somewhere which basically tells MythTV to
change the input source at the same time a channel is requested?

Thanks for any help!

Barry John Williams
Twitter: @bazwilliams
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