[mythtv-users] Shaw STB Firewire capture

Chris Payne chrisgpayne at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 17:03:54 UTC 2011

We are in the situation of getting shut out of iptv by Sasktel (as I
reported in another thread). Given other users recent, positive experience
with the HD-PVR, as well as an offer from another member to buy a used one,
that is the path I was (and still am) seriously considering.

However, the wife saw a flyer from Shaw, and the deal seems "ok", even
including a Shaw HD PVR. Given the UI short comings of their PVR, I would
still prefer MythTV, so I was wondering if anyone had any recent experience
using the firewire port? Some Googling indicates that Shaw seems to
periodically enable encryption, which I could see as an annoyance for sure.

TLDR: Is anyone using MythTV to capture via firewire from a Shaw HD STB?

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