[mythtv-users] W.O.W. commits to unencrypted QAM digital basic

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Apr 15 16:39:40 UTC 2011

Last week before I started this thread about WOW's unencrypted QAM, I
had also asked them about their stance on cablecard DRM for their HD
channels. My question was forwarded on to the video engineering VP at
WOW, and today he posted back a response:

"Currently the non-premium HD channels are marked “Copy Freely”
because they are encrypted, and per our current contracts with our
providers this is adequate. But to speak to long term, there is always
the possibility that DRM restrictions will become tighter with our
content providers as contracts are renegotiated. Bottom line, WOW!
wouldn’t be able to commit to the current paradigm long term simply
because contractual obligations may change."

So it sounds like they currently have the same setup as some Comcast
users are reporting (everything except premium channels), and it
sounds like they probably have no intention of changing it unless
forced to. It will hopefully be safe to go the cablecard route.

So now it's just a matter of waiting either for the HDHomerun Prime to
be certified and released, or for myth 0.25 to be released with
support for the Ceton. I'm just not sure which one I'd like more. HDHR
Prime is a better per-tuner cost, and it can be shared between systems
(always handy for when I'm building a test box before upgrading my
production myth system). On the other hand, the extra tuner would be


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