[mythtv-users] Android set top boxes as a myth frontend?

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 00:44:17 UTC 2011

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 12:19 PM, Raymond Wagner <raymond at wagnerrp.com> wrote:
> On 4/14/2011 17:53, Stephen Hocking wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> A number of the local electronics discounters are beginning to offer
>> android based set top boxes that are mostly used for streaming
>> internet video and the like, They're claimed to be able to play 1080p
>> streams, have a 1GHz ARM CPU, 512MB of ram etc. One can also get a
>> mini keyboard with them. Has anyone else seen these and wondered what
>> it would take to have a mythtv frontend on them? I've been pleasantly
>> surprised by an el-cheapo Android 7" tablet I bought a while ago and
>> have been messing about with the notion of doing some programming on
>> it, but it looks difficult to do anything other than Java.
> A 1GHz ARM would probably be sufficient to run the frontend.  512MB will
> be a bit tight at 1920x1080 on a graphical theme, but on a dedicated
> frontend, you should be able to manage it without swapping.  1GB or more
> would be preferred.  The problem is video playback.  At current, MythTV
> only supports VDPAU and CrystalHD.  An ARM system is not going to
> provide either of those interfaces, so you're stuck back using the CPU
> for decoding, which won't manage much.  You're effectively in the same
> boat as people trying to run Atom frontends.

What about as a upnp client?

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