[mythtv-users] SOLVED: MythTV vs. Windows Media Center

Brent Norris brent at brentnorris.net
Fri Apr 15 00:42:50 UTC 2011

On 4/13/2011 11:23 PM, brianr69 at gmail.com wrote:

> I understand how much time and dedication it has taken to develop your
> product (for free).  However, if you want to attract a larger
> audience... (to quote an old southern-USA saying) you'll get more flies
> with honey than with vinegar.

They get this a lot on the Fedora list and their answer is always 
something along the lines of "What makes you think we want a wider 

The people that write MythTV do it because they want something for 
themselves.  They are just nice enough to post their results on the 
internet for the rest of us.

No where have I ever read that Isaac or anyone else is attempting to 
convince people to use MythTV. No where have I ever read that they were 
attempting to attract a larger audience.

Also (for the most part) it seems that the people that work on MythTV 
aren't the people on this list.


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