[mythtv-users] Partitioning advice request

francis3 francis3 at libero.it
Thu Apr 14 22:36:26 UTC 2011

Hi list!

I need some advice for partitioning mythtv storage. 
The system is a combined BE/FE 2.4Ghz P4 with 2GB RAM running debian stable,
with 7 tuners and a single drive.

I'm aware that an optimal design would dedicate a single spindle for each
tuner, but this machine was built with silence in mind and extra drives would 
produce too much noise.

To improve performance the mysql files are stored in a ramdrive.

Since a couple of months ago I had a 500GB seagate barracuda drive, 
that became too small, I replaced it with a 2TB seagate Barracuda LP. 
Which after some times began to produce clicking noises and had very
bad performace.
So I shipped the drive to seagate and now I'm waiting for a replacement.

The partitioning scheme was as follows:

300 Mb /boot
1 big LVM Volume GROUP

/root 	ext3
/video  XFS	(recording partition)
/movies XFS	(mythvideo partition)
/music 	ext3	(mythmusic partition)
Before restoring from my backup when I'll get the new 2T hd, do you have any 
advice to increase performance with this single drive?
Would I get any improvement dedicating a single partition to each tuner?

Thanks in advance.

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