[mythtv-users] Time Warner channel lineup change

Don B mythlist at bossung.net
Thu Apr 14 19:59:59 UTC 2011

Time Warner in our area is going to 'improve' our channel lineup by
doing a wholesale revamp/reassignment of channels. Right now we have
2-80=analog, 95-199=HD, 205-370=SD, 400-899 Pay for (HBO, Skinamax, etc)
and 900+ music. After April 19, 2-60=analog, 100-999 for SD, 1000+ for
HD, not sure where the Pay channels are going to go, 2000+ I think.

I have two pvr150 for analog, an HDHR for clear HD and an HDPVR to a Set
top box from them for encrypted (all HD that is non-local and all SD and
pay for).

Right now, channels have been added in a hodgepoge way by TW and with
realignment comming. Most of the analog channels will stay where they
are (number wise) but the clear local content, SD, HD and Pay channels
are moving to some other channel number.

1) Am I looking at a long drawn out process of rescanning numbers, or
will I just need to go to Schedule Direct, choose the channels I want
based on the new alignment and rescan for the PVR150 and HDPVR? 

2) I am guessing for the clear local content, TW will change frequencies
(to change channel numbers) and that will take some effort to rescan?
(as in a couple threads I have followed on the list)

3) Will I have to reschedule all my recordings or will they 'auto
adjust' to the new channels?

Thanks for any help

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