[mythtv-users] Slow audio start

Naoyuki Tai ntai at smartfruit.com
Tue Apr 12 18:15:49 UTC 2011


I'm using a MythBuntu, and everything works.
One annoyance is that, the audio start up is very slow.
The picture waits for 1 - 2 seconds for the audio to catch up
every time I start playing. Same applies for skipping, or
resuming playback from pause.

A machine is the master/frontend with DB, but it's pretty modern CPU. 
(Core2 Duo 2.5GHz.)

If I fast-forward a few times, picture switches swiftly, but the audio
is way way behind. For a few seconds, the picture plays back
slowly until the audio catches up. It is very confusing since the
audio is totally out-of-sync while skipping multiple times.

I turned off the extra sound buffering, thinking it might help for
the audio to start up quicker but no help.

ii  mythtv-backend                       
2:0.24.0+fixes.20110315.785ea1b-0ubuntu0mythbuntu1 A personal video 
recorder application (serve
ii  mythtv-frontend                      
2:0.24.0+fixes.20110317.1f532a5-0ubuntu0mythbuntu1 A personal video 
recorder application (clien

I'm using on-board sound of Zotac Mini ITX board, the chipset
is nVidia's 9300.

00:08.0 Audio device [0403]: nVidia Corporation MCP79 High Definition 
Audio [10de:0ac0] (rev b1)
03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation C79 
[GeForce 9300 / nForce 730i] [10de:086c] (rev b1)

Is there any way to fix this audio start up latency?

Would switching to HDMI audio fix?

If I use USB sound interface, would it fix?


-- Tai

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