[mythtv-users] 720p display at 1360x768 with hdmi receiver? (slightly OT)

GZ gzornetzer.lists at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 19:09:09 UTC 2011

Hi all,
This might be a little OT, but useful to some mythtv users.
My mythbox is driving a 720p TV at the panel's native resolution -
1360x768.  I'm considering putting an HDMI-capable audio receiver in
the mix for HD-audio capabilities.  When I do this, will I have to
start setting my X-server to display at a true 720p resolution?  It
seems like most of the HDMI audio receivers only seem to support the
true 720p signal as opposed to the 1360x768 panel resolution.  For
reference, I'm looking at the Yamaha rx-v467 or 667 - those can be had
for pretty cheap now.

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