[mythtv-users] Issue with 2 new DVB-T mplexes in Poland

warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Apr 11 09:39:12 UTC 2011

>So the database table with
>the multiplex details had information on both, and in the channel table
>a number of channels pointed to the old multiplex entries, not the new
>ones. The result was that any attempt to tune in to those channels failed. 


Thx for replay. Sure - I know it and I make sure new scan added channels are used.

Generally - what is strange for me is that I have CRC errors. CRC errors suggests me that:
1.My DVB-T reception is wrong or
2.This mplex provider counts CRC with different algorithm than Myth does.

Currently I don't believe in second option as a\there is standard for it and b\there is no reception issues reported by others regarding this mplex. So it looks like my case is 1\.

If it is 1\ why then I can scan for channels and myth scanner properly identifies all channel & their names ?
Is it possible that myth DVB-T mplex reception config might be only partially proper in way where it properly receives some portions of transport stream (PAT) and semi-wrongly other parts of stream (PMT). Semi-wrongly as myth sees/decodes PMT but refuses to further demultiplex packets as they are classified as damaged (wrong CRC). All this suggest me that in reality my problem is 2\ (broadcaster counting CRC in different way than Myth). But why then other ppl can receive those multiplexes ?
Is it possible that industry standard DVB-T implementations are stopping checking CRC after proper PMT reception ?


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