[mythtv-users] Issue with 2 new DVB-T mplexes in Poland

D. R. Newman d.r.newman at e-consultation.org
Sun Apr 10 22:34:07 UTC 2011

On 10/04/11 19:29, Warpme wrote:
> Hi,
> Since 4 months we have in Poland new DVB-T multiplex which I'm trying to
> received on MythTV.
> Since 1 month we have also another new DVB-T multiplex.
> Issue is that on both tuning stops with TLMs.
> Log below shows:
> "PESPacket: Failed CRC check 0x6a072711 != 0xff3104bf for StreamID = 0x70"
> Well - failed CRC is failed CRC....
> I didn't see any problem reports in many polish DVB forums. Also all my
> friends are reporting successful reception of those multiplexes.
> Is it possible that my issue is result of MythTV misconfiguration ?

This may not be the same problem, but when my transmitter in the UK
reconfigured its multiplexes, the channel scan added in the new
multiplexes, but did not remove the old ones. So the database table with
the multiplex details had information on both, and in the channel table
a number of channels pointed to the old multiplex entries, not the new
ones. The result was that any attempt to tune in to those channels failed.

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