[mythtv-users] VLC stuck at first frame (creating fanart, in Mythtv)

Jay Foster jayf0ster at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 9 21:16:08 UTC 2011

On 04/09/2011 02:00 AM,  Ian Evans <dheianevans at gmail.com> wrote:
> Jay Foster <jayf0ster at sbcglobal.net> wrote: <snip>
>> >  I have also had problems playing HDHR MPEG2 recordings using VLC or
>> >  mplayer. ?Some work, and some do not. ?It seems to follow certain
>> >  channels. ?If I do a lossless transcode, then they all play correctly.
>> >  I suspect it has something to do with the MPEG-TS vs MPEG-PS header
>> >  information that Myth puts in the recording file.
> Does the lossless transcode have the slow audio issue at all?
> http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2010-December/306605.html
> (Just about to dive into that thread.)

I'm not familiar with that issue, so for me, no.  I'm also using 0.21-fixes.


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