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Sat Apr 9 19:23:26 UTC 2011

I have some questions about LiveTV. I have 3 capture cards, two DVB-C and one analog. They are configured in the following order:
1. DVB-C
2. Analog
3. DVB-C
I use two tv-souces because the DVB cards can tune to channel 1-20, and the analog card can tune to 1-10.
I have Avoid LiveTV conflictes selected so recordings first use card 1, and LiveTV use card 3.
Today two shows where scheduled so that both card 1 and 3 would be used. I was watching LiveTV on card 3 when my "problems" occured.
1. I got a question if i should switch channels or record the scheduled show later. I selected to record it later and continue with LiveTV. But Myth still changed channel and started recording the scheduled show. I exited LiveTV
2. At this time, card 1 had finished it's recording so i started LiveTV again, tuning to the channel currently recording on card 3. Using the numeric keys, the guide or the osd to change channels to something else didn't work. I couldn't tune to anything else than what was already recording. I had to manually change the source to card 1 to be able to change channels.
Is there no method for changing channels without having to change cards manually? Is it necessary for the user to know what card is free and change to that card?
3. I've seen the same behaviour before when both card 1 and 3 was recording, and i wanted to look at channel 1-10, that my analog card can tune to. But it was also impossible to change channels, it was only showing what was recording on card 3. I had to manually change to the analog card.
I know i''ve read about this problem using the OSD, but i thought it was possible to change channels across different cards using the tv guide or entering the channel number? Or is there no way for myth to be "smart" and be able to tune to a channel on a free card? 		 	   		  
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