[mythtv-users] XBMC Mythtv Frontend Plugin

Tomj.runner tomj.runner at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 16:23:45 UTC 2011

On 8 Apr, 2011, at 10:17 PM, Staffan Pettersson <staffan.pettersson at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been eger to try this out for a while but i have upgraded to
> mythtv 0.24 so the missing livetv part is a showstoppper for me. I
> really like the other parts of xbmc. The user inteface is pretty sweet
> and the plugin ecosystem is what stands out in xbmc. I tried a couple
> of streaming plugins like youtube and a swedish ondemand site called
> svtplay and can say that those plugins are great!
> The best solution would be that the plugins for mythtv would evolve.
> It has been great to follow the mythtv progress under all these years
> a have been using it. My biggest wish is that mythnetvision will get
> more attention. The version that is in 0.24-fixes is quite unusable at
> the moment.

XBMC has definitely a great interface and the addon part has significantly improved. Few very annoying points though compared to mythtv:

- there is no 5.1 upscaling in xbmc (working pretty well in mythtv)
- the spdif digital is not stable. One day i succeed to make it works, the other day it's not working. No clue why.
- it crashes more often
- on my ion box, when trying to play HD, i always have to start with windowed mode then full screen.

So all in all I stop using xbmc.
I'm just hoping one day someone will do a great theme for myth (still it's quite ok now, just less "sexy") and netvision or plugin will improve too.

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