[mythtv-users] Real-time priority threads

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Sat Apr 9 15:28:58 UTC 2011

2011/4/9 Josu Lazkano <josu.lazkano at gmail.com>:
> 2011/4/9 Jan Ceuleers <jan.ceuleers at gmail.com>:
>> Ever since this upgrade (from 0.23-fixes to 0.24-fixes) I get stuttering
>> video. This is a Via Epia EN, playing back SD MPEG2 video recorded with
>> Hauppauge PVR-150 or HVR-1900 encoders.
>> I also can't get XvMC to work, but I don't think I needed it prior to
>> the upgrade either.
>> Thanks, Jan
> There is ticket about playback shuttering:
> http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/9344
> Maybe is the same problem.

Josu, that ticket is not related to playback stuttering when a
recording ends - that ticket is about a specific playback issue on

Please don't post such "me too" comments on Trac, they don't add
anything of value to the ticket and they only makes the tickets harder
to follow. If a ticket isn't in "infoneeded" state, the ticket will
most likely not need any further information - either the ticket has
already been reviewed by a developer and has been acknowledged, or it
is still awaiting review. If a ticket *is* in "infoneeded" state, it
awaits feedback - from the ticket reporter. No developers currently
requests any information in this ticket, not from the reporter or from
anyone else. Adding comments with no additional value, is just
considered noise.

Please read the first three lines of the Ticket HowTo:

I haven't had any time to dig further into the "playback stuttering
when recording starts/ends problem" yet, will probably get there in a
little more than a month.

Best regards

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