[mythtv-users] Question re: available SATA ports and linux software RAID

Kevon mythtv at reidsresidence.com
Fri Apr 8 22:22:12 UTC 2011

On 04/07/2011 11:59 PM, Bobby Gill wrote:

>> I am also shopping around for a 8 port SATA adaptor. I have settled on a
>> card with the LSI SAS2008 chipset due to >3TB drive support. The Intel
>> card recommended uses the LSI SAS1068E chipset and does not support >3TB
>> drives. If you decided to expand your array with these drives shop
>> around on ebay for LSI 9240, IBM M1015 or Intel RS2WC080. These three
>> cards are identical, however the IBM card runs a cripple firmware with
>> RAID5/50 disable (which you won't need anyway) and is available for a
>> lot cheaper that the other two. Lots of unused, freshly pulled cards
>> available. One warning, LSI cards can be picky with motherboards.
> Another excellent tip, thanks! So LSI SAS2008 it is. And by crippling
> RAID5/50 that would be for hardware RAID thus not affecting a would-be linux
> software RAID user as myself, right?
> Thanks
> Bobby

Right. You will not require any RAID from the card as you will be using

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