[mythtv-users] 'Good stuff' v 'everyday' storage setup

Harry Coin hcoin at quietfountain.com
Fri Apr 8 14:19:52 UTC 2011

Thanks all for the replies!  I'll also set up a simple RAID mirror for 
the videos and higher value things. I hope to add the ability to set up 
a 'hot swap' or 'hot plug' drive port on the RAID mirror, so that when 
any drive is plugged in there, the software will automagically sync 
everything from the 'important archive' to it, then pop up a 'done' 
message when it can be safely removed.

Is there a way so that MythVideoExport.py script could be set up as a 
simple option on the regular menu?  That is, capable of being launched 
from the basic remote control along with the usual options to do with 
managing a recording?    As I read the choices there on the script 
appears it calls for a keyboard interaction to do properly.  Yes?

Thanks again

Harry Coin

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