[mythtv-users] XBMC Mythtv Frontend Plugin

Staffan Pettersson staffan.pettersson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 14:17:33 UTC 2011

I have been eger to try this out for a while but i have upgraded to
mythtv 0.24 so the missing livetv part is a showstoppper for me. I
really like the other parts of xbmc. The user inteface is pretty sweet
and the plugin ecosystem is what stands out in xbmc. I tried a couple
of streaming plugins like youtube and a swedish ondemand site called
svtplay and can say that those plugins are great!

The best solution would be that the plugins for mythtv would evolve.
It has been great to follow the mythtv progress under all these years
a have been using it. My biggest wish is that mythnetvision will get
more attention. The version that is in 0.24-fixes is quite unusable at
the moment.

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