[mythtv-users] post disk failure checks

Russell Gower mythtv at thegowers.me.uk
Fri Apr 8 12:30:22 UTC 2011

I've recently been unfortunate enough to suffer a two disk failure on a 3 disk mdadm raid 5 array, I've managed to piece the array back together enough to bring the LVM volume group online and copy the non backed up content off. The EXT3 based logical volumes mounted fine, although I have backups of there content anyway. I wasn't quite so lucky with the XFS based recordings filesystem, I had to trash the log before it would mount and xfs_repair reported numerous errors. 

I know I've suffered corruption to at least some of my recordings - does anyone know of a script/utility that I can run against all of the recordings (from dvb-t and dvb-s sources) to identify the corrupt ones? 


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