[mythtv-users] mythweb NO DATA with HDHR

bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Thu Apr 7 21:13:27 UTC 2011

Mark Lord wrote:
> On 11-04-07 03:50 PM, bhaskins wrote:
>> I'm really dreading the release of ubuntu 11 this month.
>> For me both versions of 9 were rock solid, 10 has been all pain, no gain.
>> Sadly, late versions of Fedora seem to have the same problems.
> 10.10 was a lot of pain for me too, upgrading from 8.04 (I think).
> Necessary pain, though, to get recent enough libs etc.. so that mythtv-0.24
> would build and install.
> Next time I'll just go pure debian
Both of my biggest "buntu 10" problems.... broken hibernation and no 
wireless restore after interruption.. are actually worse under debian 
and yes, I've spent lots of time reporting the problems.
But it's still a lot better than having to use the BS_OS, which I'm 
forced to do now and then.
That experience always reminds me of the old story about "pounding 
yourself on the head with a hammer cuz it feels so good when you stop"
> for mythtv, and hopefully avoid "upstart".
> I like the idea of "upstart", but in the current state / 10.10 it was
> responsible for 90% of the pain.
> Meanwhile, though, we cloned my rootfs for a buddy's system,
> and it saved him most of the fuss.
> Cheers
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