[mythtv-users] Question re: available SATA ports and linuxsoftware RAID

Robin Hill myth at robinhill.me.uk
Thu Apr 7 08:53:50 UTC 2011

On Thu Apr 07, 2011 at 09:39:53AM +0100, Simon Hobson wrote:

> Robin Hill wrote:
> >If you're planning on that number of drives, I'd recommend RAID6 instead
> >of RAID5. RAID5 leaves you very vulnerable to getting a second drive
> >failure during a rebuild, losing the array altogether.
> Indeed. But for Myth media storage, is it better to have single 
> drives and multiple storage directories ? If writing multiple streams 
> to a RAID array, then that involves all the drives and performance 
> isn't necessarily better than a single drive (all that seeking). I 
> believe Myth will try and spread recordings across multiple storage 
> directories - thus aiming to write a single stream on each drive.
That depends on whether you're just looking for capacity, or whether you
want some form of redundancy. If you're willing to accept the loss of a
chunk of the data then multiple storage directories is certainly the way
to go - better performance with multiple streams, lower CPU usage, and
higher capacity.

If you want the redundancy though, I'd always use RAID6 rather than
RAID5 for more than 4-5 drives (especially if they're modern
large-capacity drives, which can take days to rebuild).

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