[mythtv-users] Hauppauge HVR-950Q: First couple minutes of recordings get garbled

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Wed Apr 6 21:29:19 UTC 2011

On 3/16/2011 7:17 PM, Kevin Ross wrote:
> On 3/16/2011 3:18 PM, Devin Heitmueller wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 6:10 PM, Kevin Ross<kevin at familyross.net>   wrote:
>>> Yes, I have 2 HD-PVR's, although I can replicate the problem when the
>>> HD-PVR's are inactive (but still connected, I haven't tried
>>> disconnecting them).
>> As a test, just unplug both HD-PVRs and see if the corruption still
>> occurs on the 950q.  This will help narrow down the problem (just
>> because the HD-PVRs aren't actively recording doesn't mean they aren't
>> using up USB bandwidth).
>> Devin
> Okay I disconnected my HD-PVR's.  No improvement.  If it matters, I'm
> not using any module options (I experimented with no_poweroff=1 option,
> but it didn't help).  In mythtv-setup, both the "Open DVB card on
> demand" and "Use DVB card for active EIT scan" are unchecked.
> Oh, switching playback profiles to software decoding didn't help
> either.  I tried Slim and VDPAU Normal.
> Thanks!
> -- Kevin

I've done a little more experimenting to try to narrow down the cause.  
I tried a second 950q, same problem.  I then tried it on my Windows 
laptop, using the WinTV software, and it works perfectly!  So the 
problem isn't the source, or a defective 950q.

I then tried it again on Linux with Kaffeine to see if it was maybe a 
MythTV problem.  Same problem with Kaffeine.

So I've at least narrowed it down to one of:

1. Computer hardware (USB controller, etc) problem
2. Driver problem

I'd like to try running MythTV on my Windows laptop with a live CD of 
some sort, to possibly eliminate the computer hardware as the problem.

Oh, one more data point I'd like to throw out there, since it doesn't 
look like I've mentioned this before.  I'm using clear QAM with FIOS.  
FIOS isn't your typical cable company in that the coax that goes into 
the tuner isn't powered by the cable company, but rather a box in my 
garage.  I wonder if the signal level is different than your typical 
cable company, which isn't accounted for in the Linux driver, but is in 
the Windows driver.  Just thinking out loud, really.  I really don't 
know what I'm talking about.

-- Kevin

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