[mythtv-users] 0.24 mythpreviewgen issues - first frame always

Rob Muggridge rob at muggridge.org
Wed Apr 6 13:09:48 UTC 2011

> > Also, seek table building for H.264 is still very fragile--and would
> > likely only work properly with H.264 that's been encoded using the exact
> > same options as seen-in-the-wild broadcast H.264.
> Not exactly sure what handbrake is passing through to libavformat,
> what exact RTP hinting or metadata interleave it's choosing.  The
> intent of this is as you mentioned, to render on low-resource ARM
> device with h264 silicon assist, while retaining all the features of
> frontend/web - delete, etc.  The container does a good job on the
> apple devices, seeking and all, no audio drift.  Mencoder + MP4Box
> re-mux made a mess of audio sync.
> Do you have any advice on what "seen-in-the-wild broadcast" h264
> encoding parameters look like?
> _______________________________________________
I am also doing something similar here, using handbrake to create smaller
files to play on a non VDPAU computer over a slower network (not main
frontend).  For HD content the machine fails, so for these I have a user job
to convert to a MKV/H.264 file which works well on the old device.  However,
I too get the error about missing seek table and the first frame is
displayed of the file.

I'd like to keep in the Watch Recordings view as these files are ones that
haven't been watched (and easier to navigate to than MythVideo).  I did just
accept this issue as it's not a major issue and I'm doing things slightly
differently from how we are suppose to use "Watch Recordings", but if there
is a workaround/suggested parameters I'd be interested to know.
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