[mythtv-users] Strange self-emptying play list problem

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Tue Apr 5 08:10:21 UTC 2011

I seem to be unable to keep play lists in mythmusic across
a frontend reboot. I can create new play lists, and use them.
I can even go out of mythmusic and return to still find them
there and usable. But when I turn off my frontend overnight,
and go back to it the next day, although the new playlists
are still there, they are empty. I do still have one working
play list that I created ages ago. It's just attempts to
create new ones over the last few months that fail.

I'm running minimyth on my frontend, so there are no local
HDD changes held over a reboot - I'd imagine that's irrelevant
as I assume that play lists are stored in the mysql database.

Anyone any thoughts?


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