[mythtv-users] Two HVR-950Q tuners

Kevin Ross kevin at familyross.net
Tue Apr 5 04:00:56 UTC 2011

On 4/4/2011 6:03 AM, Mark Lord wrote:
> On 11-04-03 07:33 PM, George Nassas wrote:
>> On 2011-04-03, at 6:46 PM, Mark Lord wrote:
>>> But if they are hooked to different sources, then you'll have to do
>>> some system tweaking to ensure they always end up with the same DVB numbering
>>> from boot to boot.
>> Is this tweaking something other than udev rules? I have two different dvb
>> cards and myth ignores the soft links I create through udev.
>> Sorry if this is a dumb question - I only noticed the problem yesterday and
>> haven't had a chance to read up on what to do about it. If you happen to have
>> the handy solution I'd be grateful!
> I never warmed up to udev rules, but they are the best
> general solution for this type of issue, if you can
> figure them out and get them to work.
> The HVR-950Q has a problem, in that it does not have a unique
> serial number per device.  So plug in multiple ones, and the
> only way to distinguish between them in software is to use
> the USB bus identifiers.
> This is all compounded in mythtv-0.24, because mythtv does NOT
> permit the user to enter an arbitrary DVB device string for some reason.
> Or at least not with the Mythbuntu theme I'm using.
> It allows device name strings for non-DVB tuners, but insists on
> forcing use of simple 0/1 style numbering for DVB (DTV) tuners.

Not exactly.  It looks for anything named adapter* in the /dev/dvb 
directory.  So you can name them anything you want, as long as it begins 
with "adapter", for example, /dev/dvb/adapter-pinnacle-800i.  Symlinks 
are fine.

-- Kevin

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