[mythtv-users] Two HVR-950Q tuners

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Mon Apr 4 20:14:00 UTC 2011

On 11-04-04 09:49 AM, Jos Hoekstra wrote:
> Op 4-4-2011 15:03, Mark Lord schreef:
>> The HVR-950Q has a problem, in that it does not have a unique
>> serial number per device.  So plug in multiple ones, and the
>> only way to distinguish between them in software is to use
>> the USB bus identifiers.
>> This is all compounded in mythtv-0.24, because mythtv does NOT
>> permit the user to enter an arbitrary DVB device string for some reason.
>> Or at least not with the Mythbuntu theme I'm using.
> Same here, wonder what the logic behind it is. I got 3 DVB-devices here 
> which seem to change place every 2nd reboot and got udev-rules in place 
> to order them, however can;t get mythtv to listen.
>> I had to write a script here to reorder the /dev/dvb/ directory
>> to get consistent numbering for my DTV tuners.

Here's the script I use to force consistent naming
for all v4l (analog) and dvb (digital) tuners in my system.
Except for the hdhomerun tuners, which are fine as-is.


I have added extensive comments at the top of the file to help
moderately experienced users to configure/use the script.


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