[mythtv-users] Buggy DVB drivers - is it worth to switch to master?

warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Apr 4 12:29:48 UTC 2011

Hi *

I want to ask all bleeding edge MythTV users about current master versus latest 0.24-fixes: are - in current master branch, any improvements related to recording tolerance for bugs/instabilities in DVB infrastructure (drivers/TunerHW) ?

In other words: is it worth to switch to master for getting better tolerance for buggy/unstable DVB drivers ?

My question is not related to BE stability itself but BE tolerance for external issues (e.g. tuners infrastructure).
Currently my buggy DVB drivers sometimes have issue with reliably tune (which is not big issue). The BIG issue is that in almost all such cases it brings BE into deadlocked state.
I can go out from deadlock by:
-restarting BE
-waiting till last tuner access finished (means ending last recording or active EIT gathering).

As active EIT gathering goes endlessly - practically I have to restart BE.

Is current master better that "old" good 0.24-fixes in his respect ?

I know there is Daniel's branch which probably may address this issue, but is it ready to go with it in production environment ?
(Sure - it is dev branch, but BE deadlocks are so frustrating that I can easily agree for worst general quality/stability in favor of not having BE deadlocks).

Thx in advance  

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