[mythtv-users] Configuring HDMI sound in Mythbuntu for ASUS GT430

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 07:56:40 UTC 2011

On 4 April 2011 17:25, Ian Evans <dheianevans at gmail.com> wrote:

> Uh, yes, it was. So need to "sigh" As I said in my message
> "hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=x ...but doing the
> speaker test with that just produces silence." And, yes, obviously I
> did not use x, but 0,1,2, etc.

sounds like you didn't install alsa 1.0.24 libraries ; only the drivers.

> I also upgraded to MythTV 0.24. After doing a scan for audio devices, none of:
> ALSA:hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=0
> ALSA:hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=1
> ALSA:hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=2
> ALSA:hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=3
> worked. The only scanned setting that worked for me was:

if it didn't work with speaker-test ; it will of course not work with
mythtv either. There's no reason why it would work for one, but not
the other and vice versa.

> ALSA:hw:CARD=NVidia-1,DEV=9 (and no, before you ask, the scan did not
> create a ALSA:hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=9)

Of course it won't create such device, mythtv will only show the same
devices as reported by aplay -L

This is not the same to using ALSA:hdmi ; setting IEC (for digital
bitstream) will not work using that device , and it will be a hit and
miss. You will see in the log ; with error about not being able to set
the passthrough device.
hw:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=9 is the same as doing: hw:1,9 ; which is what
you used in your custom .asoundrc


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