[mythtv-users] multi-seat linux & mythtv

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 21:22:51 UTC 2011


Thanks for your input; the reason for this was to ensure that there
was sufficient CPU for playback as there is a quad core sitting there
and the remote frontend is just an ION system. This would have allowed
the ION system to power a TV is a third location.

It is such a shame that this isnt a supported arrangement - for this
rather niche usecase admittedly; two screens, either logged in with
one or more users, each running a separate edition of mythfrontend and
controlled via ps3 remotes and the network control port.

In my routing around the internet I saw several ways that get nearly
close enough for this, Obviously the nested X sessions was one, with
xephyr. another was a method to use twinview and associating a locking
a keyboard and mouse to one of those monitors.

Both methods had the same drawbacks, when one screen was in use the
other screen would get an output and therefore come out of standby
even if it isnt in use (and of course no vdpau).

I played with using a logged in single user session in this way and
then using xset to turn on and off the screens not in use, but myth
wouldnt stay on the appropriate screen when the display was turned off
and then on with
such as xset --output off --leftof/rightof <otherdisplayname>

anyway, thanks for your input. I was only trying to optimise equipment
use and take into account the comments on this list that ION is not
the ideal frontend hardware platform because it is lacking CPU power
for unsupported codecs (although I generally use MPEG2 and H264, and
my ION is dual core and copes with streamed flash content).

thanks again


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