[mythtv-users] HDHR dead?

Eric Sharkey eric at lisaneric.org
Sun Apr 3 20:10:29 UTC 2011

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 3:49 PM, Scott & Nicole Harris
<snharris99 at live.com> wrote:
> That sucks, I thought for sure you'd be telling us you were off an running
> again.

That's what I thought, too.

>  Have you opened a support ticket with Silicondust?

Not yet.  If they would just start selling the Prime already, I
wouldn't even care that much, but the loss of the HDHR means I'm down
to one tuner, which is less than I'd like to have.  I guess I'll file
a ticket now.  The unit is about 3 years old and well out of warranty,
so I don't have much hope for it.


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