[mythtv-users] mythconverg_backup.pl --rotate 10

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 17:39:27 UTC 2011

Hi Mike,

I have moved the cron jobs to the myth user and it looks like it is
working when I am running the backup from the command line; now the
cron job is running off the same user I am sure it will now work!!!

Thanks for your patience!

I assume you no longer want to look at the verbose output, but here it
is anyway ;-)

thanks again


$ /usr/share/mythtv/mythconverg_backup.pl --verbose

Configuring environment:
  -    username: myth
  -        HOME: /home/myth
  - MYTHCONFDIR: /home/myth/.mythtv

Parsing configuration files:
  - checking: /home/myth/.mythtv/config.xml
     parsing: /home/myth/.mythtv/config.xml
  - checking: /home/myth/.mythtv/backuprc
     parsing: /home/myth/.mythtv/backuprc

Applying command-line arguments.

Checking configuration.

No DBBackupDirectory specified, querying database.
Found DB Backups directory: /var/lib/mythtv/backups/.

No DBSchemaVer specified, querying database.
Found DBSchemaVer: 1254.

Database Information:
         DBHostName: localhost
             DBPort: 0
         DBUserName: mythtv
         DBPassword: XXX
             DBName: mythconverg
        DBSchemaVer: 1254
  DBBackupDirectory: /var/lib/mythtv/backups/
   DBBackupFilename: mythconverg-1254-20110403183709.sql

          mysqldump: mysqldump
           compress: gzip

Attempting to use supplied password for mysqldump.
Any [client] or [mysqldump] password specified in the MySQL options file will
take precedence.

Executing command:
'/usr/bin/mysqldump' --defaults-extra-file='/tmp/pAhNAqFTd7'
--host='localhost' --user='mythtv' --add-drop-table --add-locks
--allow-keywords --complete-insert --extended-insert --lock-tables
--no-create-db --quick --add-drop-table 'mythconverg' 2>&1

mysqldump exited with status: 0

Attempting to compress backup file.
 - Compressing backup file with IO::Compress::Gzip.

Successfully compressed backup to file:

Rotating backups.

Searching for files matching pattern:
 - Found 8 matching files.

Deleting 0 and keeping (up to) 20 backup files.
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:
 - Keeping backup file:

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