[mythtv-users] Problems with nuvexport and ffmpeg

Dale Pontius DEPontius at edgehp.net
Sat Apr 2 22:43:59 UTC 2011

I have a wicked version conflict between my "current" nuvexport, dated
March 1, 2010, which requires ffmpeg-0.5, and a change Gentoo just made
which only respects back to ffmpeg-0.6.  Is there a newer version of
nuvexport that will work with ffmpeg-0.6, and what version of MythTV
does it require?

More detail:
Last year I received some great assistance here with nuvexport problems,
really problems in my installation that showed up first with nuvexport.

This year I've got a new one, and it's more Gentoo-related.  Gentoo
seems to be bleeding edge in some respects, and quite stale in others.
MythTV is the latter, with the "stable" version still being 0.22.  On
the other hand, ffmpeg is the former, with Gentoo already respecting the
recent code fork.

I'm running a local ebuild for nuvexport and use a tarball dated March
1, 2010.  That ebuild works with ffmpeg-0.5 and not with ffmpeg-0.6, so
I've "masked" the newer version.  Today some changes came down through
portage that don't seem to respect or work with ffmpeg-0.5 any more.  I
managed to update my system, but there were a whole pile of hairballs in
the system, and I'd to clean this up.

I'm sure there are newer releases of nuvexport.  I'm principally
wondering what version I need to get in order to work with ffmpeg-0.6,
and what version of MythTV I need to be running in order to use it.  As
mentioned before, Gentoo is a bit "stale" in this respect.  The 0.22
version is "stable", and I'm currently running 0.23.1 out of "~arch".  I
also have 0.24 available out of a separate ebuild repository, but am a
little hesitant about moving to it.

Thanks for any assistance,
Dale Pontius

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