[mythtv-users] Multiple frontends on the same machine

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 20:51:15 UTC 2011

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Bryan Lovquist <blovquist at clarity.com> wrote:
> In summary then.
> I cannot share the same configuration between multiple frontends. But if
> I was to create two startup scripts:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> export MYTHCONFDIR=~/mythTV/livingRoom
> export DISPLAY=:0.0
> mythfrontend
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> export MYTHCONFDIR=~/mythTV/masterBedRoom
> export DISPLAY=:1.0
> mythfrontend
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> I would be able to run two frontends on the same physical machine under the
> same user with each frontend having their own configuration.
> The two configurations would be very similar and may in fact differ only in the
> specification of the port to listen on for network control directives.
> ================================================================
> Is there anything on the development plan to allow a frontend to "inherit" a default
> configuration and then override some specific attributes?

there is a table in the database called settings. It has the settings
for all the frontends, with each entry having a hostname to relate it
to the right frontend. You could use mysql tools to copy the settings
for frontend1 to a new set of rows for frontend2, then make the
changes you need on frontend2.

> ================================================================
> I have seen a reference on another thread to command line options to a frontend
> but cannot find any details on those option. Could somebody direct me to the
> appropriate URL.

mythfrontend -h
Valid options are:
-l or --logfile filename       Writes STDERR and STDOUT messages to filename
-r or --reset                  Resets frontend appearance settings and language
-display X-server              Create GUI on X-server, not localhost
-geometry or --geometry WxH    Override window size settings
-geometry WxH+X+Y              Override window size and position
-w or --windowed               Run in windowed mode
-nw or --no-windowed           Run in non-windowed mode
-O or --override-setting KEY=VALUE
                               Force the setting named 'KEY' to value 'VALUE'
                               This option may be repeated multiple times
--override-settings-file <file>
                               File containing KEY=VALUE pairs for settings
                               Use a comma seperated list to return
multiple values
-G or --get-setting KEY[,KEY2,etc]
                               Returns the current database setting for 'KEY'
--version                      Version information
-v or --verbose debug-level    Use '-v help' for level info
-p or --prompt                 Always prompt for Mythbackend selection.
-d or --disable-autodiscovery  Never prompt for Mythbackend selection.
-u or --upgrade-schema         Allow mythfrontend to upgrade the database schema
<plugin>                       Initialize and run this plugin

Environment Variables:
$MYTHTVDIR                     Set the installation prefix
$MYTHCONFDIR                   Set the config dir (instead of ~/.mythtv)


PS still think it is FAR simpler to run a frontend at each TV :)

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