[mythtv-users] multi-seat linux & mythtv

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 08:30:58 UTC 2011


I have recently moved my combined master backend/frontend from a
cupboard near the lounge downstairs to a cupboard above the lounge
upstairs, which has the added bonus of also moving the machine to
within 5 metres of both primary viewing locations. I am therefore
looking to use multi-seat linux.

The box is a Q6600 based system, 4gb ram with nvidia 8500gt/512MB
(dvi-d, vga, svideo outputs) and using ubuntu 10.04LTS 32bit,myth
0.23.1 and the proprietary nvidia drivers (196 series I think).

So this is my plan/desire...
Using a single graphics card (either the currently installed one or if
required; upgrade it to a new one)...
 - VGA output of graphics card and USB speakers run to bedroom
 - DVI-D output runs to lounge and digital audio output from MB runs
to AV receiver which then powers the left,centre&right speakers (no
surround sound)

both are independently to be controlled via a combination of PS3
bluetooth remotes (currenlty using the uinput module -
and network control ( i saw that each frontend will need to have its
network control port changed)

So, my questions:
1. is anyone doing this or something very similar and is there a guide
to do this that someone has used to implement this and recommends?
2. is the graphics card 8500gt up to the job - I have been using it in
dual head mode for sometime with no issues.
3. how do I segregate the bluetooth signals (for the remotes) to the
different "seats", will I need to find an alternative to uinput?
4. I am using VDPAU currently; I assume I should disable this for one
of the frontends, What would happen if I leave it on and both systems
attempt to access vdpau at the same time; will the second frontend
silently fail to get the resource and drop back to cpu decoding or a
user noticable error?
5. the same questions as 4, but with a gt430 card instead! ?
6. anticipated upgrade of linux issues?
7. anticipated upgrade of mythtv issues?

I have seen and read threads about this; but these specific questions
have never been answered. I also saw and read the thread on dual-head
/ multi-frontends... but thought this was different enough to deserve
its own thread.

thanks for your time.


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